Friday, 16 December 2011

Our upcoming exhibition!

Lahd Gallery is proud to announce the premiere of Khaled Akil: The Unmentioned, its latest exhibition exploring the social, political, sexual and religious issues facing Syria.
Running for eight weeks from 12th January 2012, Khaled Akil: The Unmentioned is an exciting collection of the Syrian artist’s unique hybrid of photography and paint techniques. The final product is a digital image made up of layers of ancient religious Arabic scripts and symbols combined with photography depicting Akil’s take on the challenges in Middle Eastern society currently.
Khaled Akil is a self-taught artist who is exhibiting in the UK for the first time. He uses social, political, sexual, and most prominently, religious issues as subject matter for his works. His perspectives are influenced by his passion for politics and human rights underlined by his academic studies.

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