Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wadia Boutaba: A Moroccan Art Feast

Lahd Gallery is proud to present it's latest exhibition "A Moroccan Art Feast" by artist Wadia Boutaba.  Wadia was born in the U.K. to Moroccan parents, and her paintings depict her heritage and draw on the rich and diverse culture of Morocco. Her paintings are, as she herself describes, "full of colour", and they really are; packed full of vibrancy and bold strokes.

Wadia uses art as a means to express her dual heritage and the challenges from this she has faced since early childhood, and draws on potent memories and experiences from her life for her work. Her art shows that one does not have to be confined to the environment one was raised in, Wadia tries to live like a Moroccan, think like one, and 
even feel like one.

Wadia believes that art can bring people from all different cultures and backgrounds together, and this was really proven at the opening for the exhibition where a fantastic show of guests turned up to appreciate and celebrate her work.  The artist was there herself to meet those who had come to see her paintings and talk about her art. 

Speaking to Wadia she explains how memories, feelings and past experiences define her work, she doesn't know what she is going to paint until she begins to work on the canvas, but utilizes these subconscious thoughts to create her art.  Therefore her paintings aren't always of a specific person or memory, but a manifestation of her reminiscence.

"A Moroccan Art Feast" is running till the 12th December 2012, we hope you can come and see the exhibition!

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