Friday, 4 January 2013

Artist of the month: Nabeela Al Khayer

Bahraini artist Nabeela Al Khayer is Lahd Gallery’s artist of this month!  Nabeela is a passionate artist, dedicated to her work and constantly appraising her artistic skills and pushing her own boundaries in search of new ideas and modes of expression. Femininity is the driving force behind her work, and this can be seen in her choice of colours and subject.

Starting out in the fashion industry, she underwent a trying experience from initial reluctance to entering into the unknown. The pleasant harmony and impression emanating from the special characteristics of the subject scene and epoch of the beautiful portraits of Nabeela AI Khayer, frequently communicated in warm colours, lay open the nature of kind, feminine, deeply hidden emotions. The non-disjointed and occasionally, superimposed parts of the body together with the emergence of faces and the folds of dresses all attract attention and cause the viewer to confine their thoughts within the frames of Nabeela’s expressive portraits, anticipating the revelation of the what is hidden beyond.

For a list of available artworks by Nabeela Al Khayer please contact the gallery.

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