Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Calligraphy artist Hamid Nasir at Lahd Gallery

Born in 1965, Pakistani artist Hamid Nasir started painting from an early age. At that time, there were numerous prominent artists including the old master Allah-Bux in the city of Wazeerabad (Gujranwala), which provided a good nurturing environment for the arts.

Hamid Nasir is best known for his calligraphy using fine hand Urdu script called the Nastaleeq. During this time, he executed several landscape and portrait works using various medium. Greatly inspired by the famous calligraphy artist Sadqain, he looked for new inventive ways to represent colour through observing several works from the famous and renowned calligraphic artists.

Hamid Nasir feels that the art of calligraphy has enabled him to connect to the unspoken secrets of life, and while his art has progressed day to day, he still feels that the vastness of the art of calligraphy makes him realise that knowledge of the written word is infinite and limitless.

Hamid Nasir's work will be exhibited at Lahd Gallery until December 14, 2011.

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