Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Tunisian artist Abdallah Akar

Born in Tunisia, Abdallah Akar arrived in France to pursue Science studies at Paris VII University. Very quickly, and almost naturally, he felt drawn to the visual arts. In 1980, he met an Iraqi calligrapher, Ghani Alani who has since been a powerful influence in Akar’s artistic development. In the following years, he exhibited in France as well as in Tunisia. During this time, he shared his time between Calligraphy, and multiple collaborations at the INSTITUT du MONDE ARABE, Paris, as well as numerous seminars in France and around the world and established his Val d’Oise studio – close to Paris.

During the early 2000s, he completed an Installation: 16 textiles richly decorated with calligraphy, a tribute to the Pre-Islamic poetry, followed in 2007 by a publication of Poèmes Suspendus (Muallaq’at) edited in both languages, French and Arabic.

Abdallah Akar is always searching for a renewed rendition of the calligraphic language, exploring mediums such as fabric, canvas, wood and even glass. He shows his work extensively in Europe and is a well known artist on the Middle Eastern contemporary art scene.

Abdallah's works will be displayed at Lahd Gallery until December 14, as part of the exhibition Arabic Calligraphy: The Art of The Written Word.

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