Monday, 23 January 2012

Lahd Gallery Exhibitions 2010/2011

The art season has ended on a high note for Lahd Gallery as it revisits all its exhibitions during 2010/2011 in this video. We invite you to share our joy and success as we continue to bring you the most talented emerging artists from the Middle East.

Lahd Gallery launched its inaugural exhibition and party in October 2010 in London with “The Gulf Re-Veiled” where, going back to its historical beginnings, a selection of women artists from the Gulf were showcased. Followed by what is considered to be the most daring, progressive and bold move, Lahd Gallery showed AbdulAziz Al Qahtani: An Intimate Geography in December 2010, a start contrast to its foregoing exhibition.

In January 2011, a Turkish trio was invited to show their works: Guido Casaretto, Bedri Baykam and Ugur Caki. Although coming from a common heritage, their styles differ to the extent that no matter how diverse, one can still identify traits of a common heritage. The exhibition calendar then progressed to Shurooq Amin: SHOT! The Untold Truth of Society Girls where the artist, originally featured in Lahd Gallery’s inaugural show, being the liberal thinking that she was, showed our audience the allegory of society’s murder of passion through her use of the M15 sniper rifle, which she used to shoot each of her paintings.

Lahd Gallery also demonstrated its diversity with Exploring Sudan, featuring four Sudanese artists: Abdelwahab Nour, Sana Elbashir, Islam Zian Alabdeen and Iman Shaggag where a wide array of styles are seen through their different works. Following that, Kuwaiti pop duo, Hamad&Ali made their appearances with Pop Icons, a masterpiece showcase of pop art highlighting the pop personalities of their time.

The successful first year for Lahd Gallery rounded up with a Summer Exhibition, where the public is treated to a splendid selection of its remaining art collection after its first year in London. The new art season then began with the first ever Arabic Calligraphy exhibition to be shown in London “The Art of The Written Word” where differing styles from various artists around the world are brought together to trace this aesthetic art to its historical origins and how it has developed into the contemporary form that we know today.

Lahd Gallery aims to continue with its tradition of excellence and bringing the best art to its art audience, in London, and around the world.

What can we say? It’s only the beginning!

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