Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Glance at Khaled Akil's "The Unmentioned"

Lahd Gallery is pleased to bring you our latest news, with all the conflict going on in the Middle East. As Syria finds itself in political turmoil, Syrian art has found its way into the contemporary space of Lahd Gallery, based in Hampstead.

KhaledAkil: The Unmentioned, the current exhibition on display at Lahd Gallery, explores a range of social, political and religious issues facing Syria, amidst the recent events there. When approached by the artist, he asked of the gallery, “Are my works too aggressive for you?” and we replied, “This is exactly what we do!” Lahd Gallery prides itself as being on the forefront when it comes to promoting raw talents, artists with something to say, a message to share.

Khaled’s works are made up of a hybrid of photography and painting that results in layers of ancient religious Arabic scripts and symbols combined with photography. His works can be described as aggressive as the artist chooses to target the components of his society that have the deepest and most dangerous effects which also affect the whole region.

Due to its extensive popularity, this exciting exhibition is currently running until our next show in April. More updates will be posted here soon.

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