Friday, 1 February 2013

Artist of the Month - Shurooq Amin

Lahd Gallery’s artist of the month for February is Shurooq Amin!  Multi-talented Shurooq is Kuwaiti/Syrian mixed-media interdisciplinary artist and an Anglophone poet, renowned for raising controversial questions via her raw images and taboo subject matter.  If this wasn't enough she is also a certified interior designer and a professor at Kuwait University.

The artist explores the polarity between the East and West through the depiction of high society women that dominate her canvases. Her work juxtaposes traditional with contemporary elements, which lends to subtle satire, yet the images do not profess to demean or criticise  nor to glorify and exaggerate.  They depict the girls in their embellished, fashionable state, an emblematic prototypical portrayal in which there tends to be a “sameness” of identity, expressing their individual sensual eroticism.

Unrelenting and inevitably controversial, Shurooq’s work explores the darker depths of society’s suppression and the fragility of human nature, in a critical analysis of a group of women who choose to live their lives on their own terms. Each of the paintings will finally be shot with a small Hornet bullet, from an M16 sniper gun, providing an allegory of society’s murder of a woman’s sensuality and passion.

For more information about Shurooq’s work please contact the gallery.

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