Friday, 22 March 2013

Artist of the Month: Tagreed Al Bagshi

Lahd Gallery’s artist of the month for April is Tagreed Al Bagshi.

Although modern art was born in Saudi Arabia during the late fifties, it was only until the mid-eighties, that more female painters came out to exhibit their works publicly. Tagreed Al Bagshi was one of the first few artists to do just that. Since then, there has been a growing number of Saudi women artists, who were not only active on the local scene but also exhibit regularly abroad.

Tagreed Al-Bagshi was a founding member of the Saudi Society for Plastic Arts and heads the Women’s Committee of the Arts and Culture Association. Her work has been exhibited in numerous countries including Germany, Korea, India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Gulf States, Pakistan and Lebanon to name but a few.

Al-Bagshi’s low profile hides a strong personality. Her paintings reflect her character. She is attached to her traditions, her culture and at the same time she likes movement and always looks ahead. Her portraits convey a wide range of emotions reflected in a mesmerizing look of the eyes, and an intense facial expression. Fleeting moments are forever suspended in time on the canvas and feelings are trapped in a web of colours. 

For more information about Tagreed’s works, please contact the gallery.

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