Monday, 13 May 2013

“The shared Future”

10 May 2013 //  8.30-16:15

This last Friday has been really motivating for the Lahd Gallery team! “The Shared Future” was an all day event, organized by Tina Mashaalahi, the co- founder of Kweekweek.

Kweekweek is a social platform used by the public to share important events all around London. In addition, it is a great space to create valuable networks between different individuals.

The conference, held in one of the famous business buildings in Canary Wharf, started at 9.30 am with the first panel focusing on the shared access to assets.

Professional figures such as Ally Basak Russell - business woman & international marketing manager at “oDesk” and Benita Matofska  - Mainstreaming the Sharing Economy as well as Managers of companies such as Mendeley, 99designs, Mixcloud as well as Level39, M&S and B&Q were among the speakers and guests.

All of these ambitious & global thinking entrepreneurs emphasized on the contribution of passion and dedication in business! 

As well as the imperative message of not to “buy more” but “share more” in today’s economy & global crisis!

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