Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Young Collectors Evening at the Royal Academy of London

On the 25th of April the Royal Academy of London opened its doors to the London Original Print Fair.

With 50 galleries displaying a number of predominately’ print’ artworks starting off at £100, running up to £100.000!!!!

The eventattracted a large number of visitors and was more diverse than your average art fair.

Lahd Gallery was delighted to visit the London Original Print Fair at the Young Collectors’ evening on the 26th of April, taking place in the well-known establishments.

Pop art was the predominant influencewhich motivated ‘Western’ illustrators; whether its prints of artists such as Picasso and Chagall or morecurrent ones such as Alex Katz &David Hockney.

If youcan’tafford aPicasso or any other renowned artists, there is the alternative of purchasing some fantastic prints from emerging artists from London’s finest art schools such as the Royal Academy School (as part of RA Editions) , the Royal College of Art and City & Guilds London Art School.

Overall, the event was an adequate celebration of the 28th year of  ‘the London Original Print Fair’ , cementing London’s position as one of the most active and important centres of art in the world.


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