Sunday, 27 May 2012

Irini Gonou: A Tale of Two Cultures

 Irini Gounou is a Greek artist who displays that portrays elements of healing and protection within ancient traditions from different cultures. From her influence of studying at Ecole des Beaux-Arts and Ecole des Arts Decoratifs of Paris, Gonou attempts to portray and explore the power of written words, which is used in specific cultures as a form of healing. Both Arabic and Greek cultures will be seen as a dialogue of influence, that emphasize what the artists is trying to portray, through each piece. The exhibition will showcase works produced from raw materials such as textiles, reeds, fired clay, seed pods, linen twine and much more.

Gonour displays work that reflects upon unfamiliar traditions that may seem rather mysterious. The use of raw materials comprehends the historical elements of the works, where the viewer is left wondering how these elements of healing and protection from these objects resulted in. Gonou attempt to create an atmosphere as though the viewer is going back in time to realise the simplicity of rituals and beliefs.

Irini Gounou will be presenting her work at Lahd gallery from the 31st May 2012. The exhibition will be running for 8 weeks until the 25th July 2012.

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